Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was fined $100,000 by the NFL this week for his actions during a 22-20 Thanksgiving Day loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Wednesday on Mad Dog Sports Radio’s Madden Football, John Madden told Adam Schein and Rich Gannon that the fine was necessary in order for league officials to wrestle back control of the sidelines.

“I think that they had to do something drastic because the coaches being in the white area and coming out in the field has been running rampant,” Madden said. “And the officials haven’t done anything about it. So it’s one of those things, if you let ’em do it and you don’t penalize ’em, then they think that’s accepted and they keep doing it.

“Now, I think because of Mike Tomlin, and him admitting he was wrong and because of the fine, I think they’re gonna clean up the whole thing,” Madden added. “Because there’s seven officials out there on the field, and four work out of bounds.”

To Madden, the problem extends beyond players and coaches in only the white area, too.

“I think the example is out there, the coaches know now to stay away,” Madden said. “At some point, we have to tell ’em to stay off the doggone field too, because they’re just running on the field too much.”

Madden added that he thought Jacoby Jones was affected by Tomlin’s sideline side-step.

“I think he impeded the play,” Madden said of Tomlin. “Jacoby Jones was going down the sideline, and he has good speed, and he kind of had to cut back in a little there and he got tackled. You don’t know what he saw and if he would’ve got caught anyway or whatever, but it did distract him.”

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