Actor John Lithgow joined SiriusXM OutQ’s Larry Flick to discuss his new film Love Is Strange (opening Friday 8/22), which tells the story of gay couple, Ben and George, who get married in at New York’s City Hall in lower Manhattan after the introduction of new marriage laws. It follows the couple through everything that happens in their lives soon after they wed.

“The way you responded to it, seeing it without any expectations, that’s how I responded to the script, reading it without any expectations. It was an exquisite script and everything you see in the film is scripted, including the long silent sequences, they are described in the stage descriptions. It’s a real tribute to Ira Sachs, the writer/director, and Mauricio Zacharias, his co-writer … I love the simplicity of it. I do feel it’s an important and revolutionary film, but the irony is, it’s the simplest film I’ve ever been in. It’s the simplest and most low-keyed. I call it a movie that is extraordinary for its ordinariness. It treats an old gay couple as a given.”

“Marriage equality, same-sex marriage, is a hot button, front page headline, news issue, it’s very political. But this is a movie that puts a face on it, these are the people who are actually affected by this. A marriage between two gay men or two gay women, I’ve only been to one same-sex marriage, but it was so intense because this sacrament has been withheld for so long. That’s what’s so moving about it … Not only that, being told that you can’t do something that everybody else can do, by definition, makes you a second-class citizen.”

Watch the Love Is Strange trailer below:

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