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Jon Hamm hit the zeitgeist with all his weight in 2007 as the tall, dark, (surly) and handsome Don Draper on Mad Men. A drunken, debaucherous journey we’ve been taking with him and the cast for the last seven seasons. But with all his characters’ seriousness, no one realized how straight-up FUNNY he can be until he made his first appearance on SNL in 2011.

Entertainment Weekly editor and EW Radio host Dalton Ross sat down with Hamm for a SiriusXM Town Hall to talk about all of the above, plus the three-page-long sex scene he helped Kristen Wiig with to open the movie Bridesmaids.

It’s been nearly a decade for the cast of Mad Men, and while anyone might change and grow over all that time, it’s been particularly profound for Kiernan Shipka, who plays Don Draper’s eldest child, Sally.

SiriusXM Town Hall With Jon Hamm

As the last season of Mad Men nears its end, Hamm talks about the timing and how easily anything could have derailed the show.

SiriusXM Town Hall With Jon Hamm

If all you’ve ever seen of Hamm’s work was Don Draper, you would never peg him for a comedian. But that all changed with his first appearance on SNL, which led to 30 Rock, and then his epic role as a No. 1 jerk in Wiig’s 2011 comedy, Bridesmaids.

“SNL again and again bought me closer to Kristen, and when she had Bridesmaids going on she was like, ‘Please do something in it,’ and I was like, ‘I’ll do anything in it!’ And then I read it.

SiriusXM Town Hall With Jon Hamm

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