Joel & Victoria Osteen touch down at SiriusXM, and Oprah, Reese Witherspoon & Donald Trump are really excited

Airs 9/29 at 5 pm ET on Joel Osteen Radio, Ch. 128

To celebrate the launch of their brand-new channel on SiriusXM, preacher Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria hosted a special Q&A with a live audience (airs Monday 9/29 at 5 pm ET), and some of their famous friends called in to wish them well.

And when we say “famous friends,” we mean REALLY famous: Donald Trump himself called Joel and Victoria, saying, “You’re going to give a big blessing to the city; we can use more of you folks!”

In return, Joel praised Mr. Trump: “Mr. Trump is a giver… You can’t find a more giving, gracious person than Mr. Trump.” Piling on the praise, Donald responded: “It’s really nice that you say that, but you know that you’re going to ruin my reputation!” (Fun fact: The Osteens apparently are big Apprentice fans — their daughter has even been known to run around the house yelling “You’re fired! You’re fired!”

Later, an audience member with a drug-addicted past asked Joel about the greatest test of his faith. In response, Joel talked about the passing of his father and how it influenced him to take the next step in his life. “Before he died, I would tell Victoria, ‘You know, my world was really tied around my father. I wonder what’s going to happen when he goes,'” said Joel. “I fell in shock for a little while. But you know, in a day or two I felt a peace and a strength. I felt God’s presence was there.”

Joel went on to say that during this time in his life, he felt an undeniable responsibility to step up and pastor the church. “My mind was telling me, ‘Joel, you are not a minister. You are too quiet, you haven’t gotten up there and ministered before,’ and a thousand thoughts were telling me that I couldn’t do it! But down here, in the spirit of my heart, something was saying: ‘Joel, this is your time. This is your destiny.'”

Even Reese Witherspoon called in to wish the Osteens well, saying, “Every time I see y’all on TV, I am mesmerized!” Witherspoon even touched on her latest movie, Wild: “It’s just one of those movies that makes you feel like you really need to appreciate your life.”

Finally, Oprah called to the Q&A, where she talked about everything from her start on radio at the age of 16 to the day she realized she wanted to be a journalist. “I said I’d like to be a journalist, and I would like work in a world where I can tell stories and let other people see themselves through these stories,” said the talk show queen.

Oprah also added, “The platform that you both hold, the gorgeous light that you bring into the world through the words and experiences that you share with people is SO powerful… And now we will be listening to you on Sirius!”

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