At the risk of sounding biased, Community might be one of the funniest (not to mention most underrated) shows on TV. Set at Greendale, a wacky community college, the show features a ridiculous cast of characters: Joel McHale plays Jeff, the endearingly self-centered and disgraced lawyer, Gillian Jacobs is Britta, a cute dropout who’s always on her high horse about something, Yvette Nicole Brown is Shirley, a vaguely naive divorcee, Alison Brie plays Annie, the type-A perfectionist, and Donald Glover is Troy, the former high school football star-turned-mega pop culture geek by his new best friend and even bigger pop culture geek, Abed (Danny Pudi).

Since Community’s fifth season premieres tonight at 8 pm ET on NBC, Joel McHale stopped by Opie & Anthony to chat about everything from what’s in store for this season to visiting Paris with his family to the highly publicized departure of former cast member Chevy Chase.

During his interview, McHale had only the kindest words for the show itself and creator Dan Harmon, but he did shed some light as to why Chevy left so suddenly. “He didn’t want to be there,” said Joel. “And that was evidenced by the 14 or 15 articles in the Hollywood Reporter. Then he’d say he liked [the show]. But often he’d say that he didn’t want to be there.”

Ouch. Sounds like the two are still in touch, though. According to Joel, he and Chevy exchange texts “once in a while.”

Check out a preview of Joel’s interview, watch the Season 5 premiere of Community on NBC tonight at 8 pm ET, and listen to Joel’s entire SiriusXM interview on Jan. 12 at 6:30 am ET on Opie & Anthony, Ch. 103.

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