Joe Torre, MLB commissioner?

The former New York Yankees manager and current Executive Vice President for Baseball Operations for Major League Baseball joined Chris Russo on Mad Dog Sports Radio Wednesday to discuss the possibility of his taking over for Bud Selig when the current commissioner retires in Jan. 2015.

“It’s gonna depend on what the owners want and who the owners want,” Torre said. “I’m gonna say that if someone asks me to do something to help baseball, that I wouldn’t wanna do whatever they wanted me to do? Sure I would.

“I mean, I enjoy what I’m doing right now, but I don’t envision myself, I have no aspirations to be comissioner, because of the age,” Torre continued. “But I like where baseball is, and I love what Bud Selig has done over the years, and as I say hopefully I’ll be around for a while. And you’re right. I do have good energy, I feel fine and try to take care of myself. But I certainly don’t see that happening.”

Torre also spoke with Russo about Don Mattingly’s current situation with the Dodgers, comparing it to his early days as Yankees skipper.

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