Given the option between newcomer Michael Vick and second-year pro Geno Smith, New York Jets legend Joe Namath said he’d take the veteran under center for Gang Green.

“If Vick is healthy, I think he’s the better quarterback of the two at this stage,” Namath said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “Now, I don’t know if Michael’s healthy, I don’t know if he’s durable enough to be able to last, I don’t know what the Jets are looking for out of Vick.

“When it comes to Geno Smith, he looks all right, he looks pretty good at times,” Namath continued. “I don’t see any outstanding special traits as far as running, quickness or throwing the ball. He definitely has room to improve his accuracy and he’s aware of that, too.”

Namath told Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan that he was impressed with Smith in his rookie year, and he expects the West Virginia grad to take a step forward in his sophomore campaign.

Considering where he’d come from, I don’t think he was ever under center at West Virginia. […] And then, learning a new offense as a rookie. […] I look for Geno to improve, to be more relaxed. I’m just guessing at this: As a rookie, we can wanna talk about being cool and all that stuff before these games and approaching games, but man, it’s the big leagues, and how you handle the nervous system is important. I would think that Geno’s handling his nervous system better these days. Utilizing the nerves to turn it into a positive as opposed to a distraction. And hopefully he gets better; I wanna see him improve his passing accuracy, like we quarterback all try to do.

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