Tuesday on Chris Russo’s Mad Dog Unleashed on Mad Dog Sports Radio, former UConn basketball coach Jim Calhoun said, contrary to reports, that he is not interested in the Boston College job. Calhoun did leave the door open to a return to the sidelines in the future if the right situation presented itself, though.

When Russo asked Calhoun how interested he is in the BC job, Calhoun responded, “No, I’m not interested.”

Let me give you a little background to make everybody, not everybody, but just to, not clear the air but I don’t want to get involved in anything with the tournament, with our team playing and all the other things and so on. But what happened is that when [our] good friend Doris Burke and then Andy Katz came over and they started talking, ‘Would you ever do it?’ Yeah, I would. I would think about coaching but it has to be the perfect situation. I don’t have to go hunting for a job. That’s not really what I’m desiring to do. But if something special came along I feel I still have enough zip, power and certainly love for the game, love for competition, that I’d do it. But it’d have to be the right situation for me and for that school. At this particular point I just don’t know if I would find the answer at Boston College. Nothing against Boston College, it’s a great school, it’s a terrific a school in what will be, in my opinion, the best basketball conference in America. You add Jamie Dixon, which you just did. You’re going to be adding Rick Pitino, you’ve got Roy Williams and Mike Krzyzewski. Great, great thing and I’m sure they’ll do very well but for me it’s just not going to…I have not talked to the people at BC. BC has not talked to me. You could imagine that with all my Boston ties a lot of people have called me. That’s kind of a normal thing, that happens with folks. I will never say never because I love the game and the right situation for me and for the school I would think about. But at this point I’m not interested.”

Calhoun also spoke with Russo about whether Larry Brown’s success, at 73 years old, has encouraged Calhoun to return to the bench.

“Well, to be quite honest with you I’ve talked to Larry a few times […] and we trade ideas about it,” Calhoun said. “Larry is so positive about what he’s doing for his life. I have a great life. I’m very fortunate. I’m at UConn, I love the people there, I love the university, I love the state. But the void that’s not being filled in my life is my competition and my relationships with my players. That was what I loved about coaching basketball. And I don’t have to fill it. I’ve got a great wife, a lot of charities, a lot of work at UConn. But you can only play golf so much. And, once again, I’d be happy if I never coach again but I opened myself up because I thought if the right situation comes for me and the university or whatever school, then I might be interested. I’ve had a couple people reach out to me, they just weren’t right for me.”

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