We can relate.

On the premiere episode of Success without Stress, Bob Roth sat down with all-time comedian Jerry Seinfeld. The episode, which airs for the first time at 7 pm ET on SiriusXM Indie on Wednesday, Jan. 22, featured a discussion between Seinfeld and Roth about Transcendental Meditation, or TM.

As luck would have it, at one point during the conversation, Seinfeld gave listeners a taste of his routine: The battle between Morning Guy and his nemesis, the diet-foiling Night Guy.

“Nobody goes berserk eating in the morning,” Seinfeld pointed out. “You don’t wake up in the morning and eat a decent breakfast and then attack a box of brownies. You don’t do it. But at night we all do it. Why? We’re tired”

Added Seinfeld:

I don’t know where the cookies are at the morning, I don’t see them, I know they must be somewhere, but I never see them. And then somehow between 9 and 11:30 am they start appearing, and they look like they are military barracks, and the cookie box is a D-Day beach-landing troop carrier, and they’re lined up in rows attacking you.

If you want to beat Night Guy, try TM, said Seinfeld.

So what exactly is TM? As Seinfeld and Roth explained, it’s to your body what a charger is to your iPhone.

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