What a Wednesday it was on The Howard Stern Show. After Howard sat down with broadcast legend Larry King, comedian and TV superstar Jerry Seinfeld made an appearance in The Howard Stern Studios.

In a wide-ranging interview that spanned from talk of his hit 1990s show Seinfeld to his long run of appearances on The Tonight Show, Jerry admitted to Howard that at first, even he wasn’t confident in his ability to make people laugh.

“When I first got on stage, I had no idea – and I’m being completely honest with you, which is what your show is about – I had no idea if I was funny,” Seinfeld said. “The first time I got a laugh from an audience, I just froze up and went, ‘Oh my God. I got a laugh.'”

Watch a clip from the interview, where Jerry tells Howard why he’s so irritable, the chances another TV show will ever top Seinfeld, and why life without comedy isn’t worth living.

For more on Wednesday’s historic show, click over to howardstern.com.

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