Jenny McCarthy’s 5 tips for single women

Jenny McCarthy summed up her advice for single women, just in time for Valentine’s Day. And we trust her — she did spend a good chunk of the ’90s hanging out with bachelorettes, after all (thanks to her gig on MTV’s Singled Out). Plus, she married Donnie Wahlberg last year. What more could a ’90s gal wish for?!

1. Read and memorize the book He’s Just Not That Into You. Know when to pull out before you’re heart gets broken.

2. Guys are attracted to confident/independent girls. That doesn’t mean be a bitch, it means have your own life so you don’t get sucked up into his. Be a partner not a groupie.

3. Be your authentic self from day one. If you hate football, say so! If you don’t like Mexican food, tell him! Don’t giggle and try to morph into somebody you think he wants. You will hate yourself and resent him for doing so.

4.Make a list of characteristics you like in a man. Don’t make a demand list. This is just to let the universe know what kind of guy is good for you.

5. In order to “raise the bar” on guys you meet you need to “raise your own bar.” The more you love yourself, the better the guy. YOU are the love of your life.

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