Jenny McCarthy asks ‘Is everyone a little bit gay?’ on Dirty, Sexy, Funny

Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy is finally here! Running for four consecutive weeks on SiriusXM Stars, Dirty, Sexy Funny features the TV host, model and actress discussing everything from sex to marriage to dating to parenting to this week’s topic: Is everyone a little bit gay?

To kick off her first inaugural Dirty, Sexy, Funny episode, Jenny welcomed Howard Stern to the show via phone, where the King of All Media congratulated her: “I’m pretty sure I’m the only one listening.” Jenny also grilled Howard on whether or not he thinks that everyone is a little bit gay. Howard responded, “No I don’t agree that everyone’s a little bit gay.” He criticized her topic choice and suggested, “If you want to get into the ratings, start talking about the years with Jim Carrey…When you want to get ratings, you don’t worry about getting sued.”

McCarthy defended her subject choice: “Us girls…we don’t know whether our guys are gay or not and whether to stay in the relationship when they like certain things- when they like our clothes, when they take longer to take ready than us…I love talking about sex. But this has been a conspiracy among women that we feel that men are not being truthful.”

After many questions posed by Jenny, Howard finally said, “I’m going to bow out of this. I wanted to congratulate you on your first show…and I’m out of this.” Ooh, #awkward.

Later, Jenny sparred with comedienne Justine Marino about whether or not you should worry if your boyfriend says something about being attracted to another guy. (Context: An ex of Jenny’s once called an American Idol contestant “his type.” Cue anxiety.) Anyway, according to Jenny, everyone probably IS a little bit gay — except for her fiance, Donnie Wahlberg.

Jenny even got celebrity blogger Perez Hilton to chime in: How you can tell if your man is gay?

“A lot of girls have gone out and when their man gets a little drunk, they notice they start flirting with guys…”

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