Dak Prescott performed better as a rookie in 2016 than he did last year.

But that doesn’t have Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett worried about his quarterback’s ability to find that form again.

‘Sometimes, it’s hard to sustain that performance’

In fact, Garrett thought Prescott did some things better than those on the outside were willing to recognize. The coach also expects his quarterback to make significant strides this season.

“I just think he continues to get better in all aspects of the game,” Garrett told Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt at the Cowboys’ training camp in Oxnard, Calif. “Obviously, he played really, really well as a rookie. Sometimes, it’s hard to sustain that performance. But the environment was different and I thought he handled the environment really, really well.

‘He’s just a really good football player’

“At times things didn’t go well. He has an amazing ability to fight through that, whether it’s within a game or over the course of games. He’s just a really good football player.”

Garrett believes it’s important for people to remember that Prescott is still a very young player with a lot to learn.

‘He’s willing to do whatever he can possible to get better every day’

“He’s two years into this,” the coach said. “There’s a lot of great, great quarterbacks in this league who weren’t playing until years three or four. Or, if they were playing, they were struggling. He’s off to a pretty darned good start. There’s so much room to improve, but the thing you love about this guy the most is that he’s willing to do whatever he can possible to get better every day in every aspect of his game. So he’s really a joy to coach.”

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