Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston and Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota are the consensus top two quarterbacks expected to be available in April’s NFL Draft. In his latest mock draft, Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller has the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selecting Winston with the first overall pick, and the New York Jets taking Mariota sixth overall.

Miller explained the thought process behind ranking Winston ahead of Mariota last week on SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio.

“My biggest concern [with Mariota] is that it’s gonna take some time to translate to the next level,” Miller said. “Because the offense does open a lot up for him [at Oregon]. I’ll give him credit for having very clean mechanics, I think he has quick eyes to find the open receiver … I think too often, he is throwing to a receiver who, in the NFL, would be covered, so a lot of his passes are easier to make.”

“It’s not like I like Jameis Winston and hate Marcus Mariota or something like that,” Miller continued, “I think Winston’s more pro-ready, and that adds value to a player’s stock.”

Not every analyst is sold on Winston, though. Rod Woodson told B/R Radio that he wouldn’t use a first-round pick on Winston.

“I don’t know if his skill sets translate to the National Football League,” Woodson said. “I think he’s done a lot of boneheaded, silly things in college. I guess the question that only time will answer: Has he gotten through adolescence yet? Has he grown up?

“I still don’t think he has. He’s still very young, and he’s gonna probably make some more other silly mistakes,” Woodson argued. “I don’t know if I would draft him in the first round if I was a general manager. When you look at the skill set that he does have, I think that he can be developed. He’s gonna get drafted – I think he’ll get drafted in the first round – but if I was a general manager, I don’t think I would take that opportunity, that risk, to take him in the first round.”

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