Whether you are a dedicated gladiator currently experiencing what fans call a “Scandal hangover” from all the drama that went down in last night’s episode, think Kerry Washington is the most beautiful human in the history of everything, or only vaguely know what I’m talking about, you’ve likely heard of ABC’s Scandal. The sexy political thriller is set in Washington, D.C., and is currently in the thick of its third season, which returned last Thursday night. Scandal star Scott Foley, who plays the incurable optimist Jake Ballard, recently stopped by OutQ to chat with Larry Flick about everything from how he likes to unwind off set to being part of a pop culture phenomenon. Check out the clips below to hear what Scandal’s Jake Ballard does aside from burgers and B613.

“I look for peace and solace in my life because the career I have chosen is so… episodic. You go from one show to the next,” Foley said. “What keeps me focused is having that stable home life… I have a family, and when I’m not at work one day, I’ll be out in the yard trimming the trees or you know, cutting firewood. That’s what I love to do.”

Though Foley is a family man that enjoys trimming trees off screen, one cannot deny that he is part of a television cast that has revolutionized the connection between patriotism and pop culture, not unlike House of Cards and The West Wing. (Also, what Scandal fan wouldn’t want to watch Jake Ballard chop down trees?) Flick asked Foley about how being part of the “explosion” that is Scandal has changed his life.

“When my wife and I go to dinner or we come to New York or we go to the airport, it’s really amazing how this show affects my life in ways aside from professional satisfaction and exercise that way,” Foley said. “There’s an awareness to what I do outside of the sound stage.”

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