Going back to school – whether it’s kindergarten, middle school, or college – although exciting, can also be stressful. But have no fear! SiriusXM is going to help you make it a smooth transition, so get ready to rid yourself of those back to school blues with programming from Monday, August 18 until Sunday, August 24.

SiriusXM’s Stars (Ch. 109) will be covering everything back to school all week long. Check out the programming schedule below and be sure to join the Stars hosts for “Back to School Week” programming at 11 am-Noon ET with replays at 6 pm ET:

Monday, August 18

9 am ET: Wake Up with Taylor

  • Picking a major – did you make the right decision? Are you in the job of your major?
  • Making the most out of college
  • Transitioning from teen to adult

10 am ET: Just Jenny

  • Jenny Hutt discusses the importance of educating kids on the dangers of social media, and wonders if parents can ever be too careful when it comes to monitoring their children in this new age of technology

11 am ET: The Moms with Denise & Melissa

  • Back to school shopping
  • Prepping younger children for back to school with experts and psychologists

Tuesday, August 19

9 am ET: Wake Up with Taylor

  • Should high school sweethearts stay together when they go off to college or break up?

10 am ET: Just Jenny

  • Special guest Dr. Aaron Carroll gets into the dos and don’ts of talking to your kids about sex in today’s current climate

11 am ET: The Perri Peltz Show

  • Social and emotional well-being of college students

Wednesday, August 20

9 am ET: Wake Up with Taylor

  • Dr. Wider talks back to school

10 am ET: Just Jenny

  • Jenny talks to family counselor and nutritionist Jennifer Schwartz about how to pack healthy back to school lunches that are easy to execute

11 am ET: Seth Speaks with Seth Rudetsky

  • Seth and Kerry Butler share hilarious stories about their high school days of musical theater
  • Julia Murney talks all about “Not Since High School,” a benefit concert that showcases Broadway performers singing the classic roles they played as teens while wearing braces and/or breaking out

Thursday, August 21  

9 am ET: Wake Up with Taylor

  • The top high school movie cliques – Which one would you have been a part of?

10 am ET: Just Jenny

  • Seventeen’s Senior Fashion Editor, Jasmine Snow, gives the low down on the must-haves for back to school shopping, including the latest in locker decorating, fashion, and technology

11 am ET: Financially Fearless with Alexa von Tobel

  • Education and finance

Friday, August 22

9 am ET: Wake Up with Taylor

  • Back to school
  • College olympics (in-studio games, discussion)
  • The hook-up culture in college

10 am ET: Just Jenny

  • Jenny discusses how to cope with bullying and “the mean girl syndrome” in this new age of social media

11 am ET: Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg

Saturday, August 23

10 am ET: Judith Regan Show

  • (9 pm replay)

Sunday, August 24

11 am ET: Rabbi Wechsler Teaches

  • Education and religion (11 pm replay)

On SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live (Ch. 78) Absolutely Mindy is absolutely getting in on the back to school discussions. Here’s what’s on the program:

  • Mindy will have a special guest each morning as she encourages a love for school in young listeners
  • A sneak peek at pre-school and entertaining details on what kids can expect as they learn their ABCs
  • The mother-of-two host will also share her true and tested recipes for delicious and healthy lunches kids actually want to eat

The experts on SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio (Ch. 81) will also weigh in on back to school. Take a look at what to expect all week long and be sure to tune in:

  • Gastroenterologist Dr. Ira Breite will offer advice to prevent stomach problems caused by stress and anxiety related to the start of the school year
  • Various other experts will offer tips on keeping kids’ bones and joints healthy including what to consider when choosing a back-pack and how to talk to teachers, nurses and administrators about your child’s particular health needs
  • Parents will also hear how to help children cope with homework anxiety and getting kids back on a healthy sleep schedule
  • In addition, psychiatrist Dr. Michael Aronoff explains how to differentiate the natural rollercoaster of teenage hormones and emotions from the warning signs of depression

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