‘It might be an ugly child, but it’s my child’: Sting talks The Last Ship on The Morning Jolt

This past week, Sting made his debut on the Grand White Way. With his name included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the former Police front man is exploring a whole new art form. The Last Ship, which shares a name with Sting’s most recent album, opened at the Neil Simon Theater in October. The musical (which boasts a score by Sting) is based on his experiences growing up (literally) next to a shipyard in Wallsend, England. Though the production’s reviews have been a mixed bag, this is certainly not the last we will see of Sting, who takes the stage until January 24. He recently stopped by on The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick to discuss how much he has enjoyed creating what Flick calls, “the butchest musical in the history of Broadway.”

“It’s a miracle for me to see my songs materialize in three dimensions … I go there most performances, and I sit in the back in the dark, and I watch the audience as much as I watch the performance … I wait for the first laughter, which happens pretty early on. Once they start laughing, I relax,” Sting said. “We’re running at half houses. [But] I believe in this thing … I’d love to have a commercial hit against the odds rather than obey some formulaic idea of what it should be. This is exactly the musical I wanted to make. It might be an ugly child, but it’s my child.”

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