On Monday night’s episode of Raw, Daniel Bryan took the mic to address his latest injury scare.

“I had an MRI last week,” he told the fans.” “They don’t know how long I’ll be out. They said maybe weeks, maybe months, they said I might never be able to wrestle again.”

Unfortunately for Bryan and his supporters, career-threatening injuries are nothing new to the now-former Intercontinental champion. (He vacated the belt on Raw.) As he mentioned in his speech, it was about a year ago that Stephanie McMahon stripped him of his WWE title while he was battling back from another injury.

The fact that Bryan’s speech lacked specific injury details, though, had Busted Open Radio’s Doug Mortman wondering: How much of this is real, and how much of this is story line?

It makes you think. One, he’s not revealing exactly what’s wrong with him. That smells like wrestling to me. That screams story line to a certain extent. And as you move it forward, what if — the big question, especially if you’re a Daniel Bryan fan — what if Daniel Bryan and WWE, and sure, some reality here, there’s definitely an injury here, something nagging that he’s dealing with, why would you want him off TV? Why don’t you want him wrestling? But who’s to say it’s as bad as we think, as grave as we might think. Maybe Daniel Bryan and WWE are working us to a certain extent.

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