Immigration attorney reports ‘unneccessary cruelty’ toward women and children at border detention centers

Danielle Rosche is an immigration attorney who recently volunteered at a border detention facility. She says she saw cruelty against women waiting to have their claims heard that is “astounding” and “incredibly upsetting” to have occur in The United States today. Below are some accounts of what’s happening.

Illness due to unhealthy conditions
“A 16-month-old child who, when they were first detained by customs and border patrol … got so sick that he developed pneumonia. He’s 16 months old, he came from his country being able to walk, eating solid food. He has gotten so sick that he stopped walking, doesn’t eat solid food anymore and has gone back to breastfeeding. As a 16-month-old,” said Rosche.

Improper medical care
“The worst story I have heard … one woman  … was also very sick … and she and her son were in an isolation ward, which is basically solitary confinement, which is how they handle illness … and she had to ask permission to go to the bathroom … She’s calling the guards, and they never come and she ends up going to the bathroom in her pants in her cell. And she’s covered in her own feces and the guards finally came in and they laughed at her, they tossed her a towel and they laughed,” Rosche says.

Food safety concerns
“The food is a huge issue at the center … all of the children have lost weight. The food is always undercooked, the chicken is raw, and the children won’t eat it,” Rosche said. “All of these children have lost weight. I saw multiple children who lost up to 25% of their body weight, for infants.”

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