Recently, First Lady Michelle Obama called into Urban View’s Joe Madison, urging all Americans to partake in tomorrow’s essential midterm elections. From Women’s Issues to the importance of every single vote, the First Lady said, “now is the time that the American people get to have their voices heard.”

Women’s issues: Obama mentions that women’s issues are one of the underlying topics during these midterm elections, stressing how all women need to pay attention. “The decision will affect every woman, so it’s important how their decisions affect these kinds of issues,” she said. “I can go on and on … But a lot of people don’t understand the connection between the midterm elections, and how these choices and decisions truly affect these kinds of issues.”

Making a plan: Voters need to construct a plan to effectively vote on election day, even to encourage everyone they know to vote. “You can’t let election day happen to you … so what’s your plan? Gather people and push them to vote!”

Equalizing the economy: During the interview, Obama discussed the president’s bill and overall plan to raise the minimum wage. “There are states all across the country with governors who support the Affordable Care Act where citizens are reaping millions of dollars in benefits and they’re getting the health care they need.”

Some key topics that will be addressed in the next two years, include gun control legislation, immigration reform, clean energy, education, college institutions, and early childhood education. “All of these decisions are going to be determined by the team that the American people pick to work side by side with the president,” she said.

Everyone should vote: In particular, young people, minorities, and women. “It’s not about Barack, and it’s not about me … If you don’t vote, you don’t count,” she said.

President Obama needs our help: “Now is the time that the American people get to have their voice heard,” she said.

And finally…”This is the country that elected the first black president!” “People got up, they voted, they felt passionately about it, they understood what was at stake and they made their voices heard,” she said. “There is no reason to be cynical about politics.”

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