Whether you know her as Veronica Corningstone from the hilarious Anchorman movies or as the title role in the 2005 revival of Sweet Charity, you have to admit that Christina Applegate is bawse. Applegate recently stopped by OutQ to talk about everything from telling off the paparazzi to her role in the 1991 cult-classic, Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead–and the questionable style decisions she was making back then.

Applegate made her TV debut in Days of Our Lives before she was even a year old. However, child stardom is something she does not want for her three-year-old daughter Sadie. Applegate told Lance Bass that she has no qualms about telling off the paparazzi, or as she calls them, the pedo-razzi.

“They would stalk us at her dance class, they’d stalk us at birthday parties… [my husband and I] get rageful inside. It’s invasive on my baby. To me, it’s violent, and it feels violent,” Applegate said.

However, Applegate also told Bass that once Sadie is 18, she can do as she pleases where her career is concerned. At the age of 20, Applegate herself starred in the hilarious cult classic Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, which she says she hasn’t even seen yet.

“I haven’t watched it all the way through. I really feel like I’m doing it a disservice by not watching it from the beginning to the end,” Applegate said. “[But] did anyone want to tell me about plucking my eyebrows? What the eff was that? I had eyebrows coming down to my cheekbones.”

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