Howard Stern, Seth Rogen, and James Franco shot the breeze … you can’t not read this

Recently, a glorious once-in-a-lifetime event went down on the Howard Stern Show. No, James Franco did not take a nap (that we know of). But he and his comedy dream team counterpart Seth Rogen shot the sh-t with the King of All Media. No effs were given (but many eff bombs were peppered into the convo) as Franco, Rogen and Howard talked about everything from their latest (and arguably greatest) upcoming comedy, The Interview, to run-ins with Kanye West after the Bound 3 parody release, to Rogen’s on-set weed smoking sched. And of course, Howard brought up the recent cyber attack on Sony, which did not leave Franco or Rogen unscathed. Rogen spoke up about how media outlets have been taking advantage of the situation.

“It’s stolen information! I think it’s f-cked up that anyone’s talking about it,” Rogen said. “The stuff that was stolen from me on the grand scale of sh-t was not that bad, but it’s f-cking STOLEN! … It’s click-bait. It’s salacious material. … I think it’s f-cked up. I can’t believe people are just so happy to be like, ‘Look at this stolen information!’ … ‘It doesn’t affect you at all. They’re not doing anything illegal. They’re not trying to fool you as the consumer. They’re having private correspondence with one another. Here, read it, and pick it apart.'”

It takes a lot to shake up Franco and Rogen. However, Rogen told Howard about how terrified he was to run into Kanye West after he and Franco parodied his Bound 2 music video. (If you haven’t seen the parody – get on that.) Rogen is a huge Kanye fan – and luckily, the feelings seemed to be mutual. Rogen told Howard about receiving a spontaneous private concert from Kanye.

“I was at a hotel in SoHo, and I was in the lobby. And me and my wife had just bought some dessert from Milk Bar – which is delicious. And we were literally just going to get some plates so we could eat it, and it was like midnight, so the lobby was empty. … And I heard someone behind me go, ‘YO,’ And it was Kanye West. … I’ve met him a lot of times, and he’s always been incredibly f-cking cool to me. … The truth is I’m a GIANT fan of his,” Rogen said. “And so I told him [that] … and he was like, ‘Wanna hear some of my new sh-t right now?’ And we were like, ‘Yeah.’ And he’s like, ‘I got a limo right in front of the hotel.’ And me and my wife are just like, ‘OK.’ He has like a limo van kind of, and he brings us in. And we’re the only ones there, and he has a laptop…And he starts rapping for us. … We were just like, ‘This is the greatest f-cking thing that ever happened.'”

Franco even said that Kanye attended the premiere for Pineapple Express, the film that truly put Franco and Rogen’s epic bromance on the map. Franco told Howard he has not actually smoked marijuana in quite some time – but Rogen’s, erm, habits seem to do the trick for the both of them.

“I get high by proxy,” Franco joked.

This is not to say Rogen has an Intervention situation on his hands.

“I made a conscious choice to not let it disrupt the flow of the workday. Sometimes you literally have six hours where you don’t have two f-cking free minutes to sneak to your trailer and smoke a joint, and sometimes there’s a three-hour camera set-up, and you can smoke 20 joints before you do anything,” Rogen said. “There was one day on Neighbors where I smoked the wrong type of weed and walked over to set and was like, ‘I am too f-cking baked for this!’ And I didn’t say much in that scene.”

It’s a wonder Franco ever had time to smoke (let alone, eat a decent meal). On top of attending multiple universities simultaneously, teaching classes and just being awesome, Franco has also spent the past few years creating a documentary about Saturday Night Live, which can be viewed on Hulu. Titled Saturday Night, the project started when Franco was attending NYU. He was assigned to create a seven-minute documentary following someone around in the workplace. So who did Franco choose? SNL god Bill Hader.

“We actually made [Saturday Night] four or five years ago, and only this year did it come out,” Franco said. “Which is kind of perfect because it’s the 40th anniversary.”

“As someone who has done the show a lot of times, it, to me, is the most actually, like, experiential look at what it is like to host that show,” Rogen said.

Howard also asked Franco and Rogen about The Interview’s reception at premieres thus far.

“If you don’t think this movie is funny – what DO you think is funny?” Franco asked. “With a drama, OK, you can judge it, analyze it … [with] a comedy, if people are laughing, it’s successful.”

And obviously, Howard asked Franco about his dating life – specifically, his relationship with Lana Del Rey. Does Franco see settling down in the future, or does he think Rogen make a rookie mistake getting married to Lauren Miller in 2011?

“I have to say – and this is really honest – I think Seth and Lauren are just an incredible model. I really respect what they have,” Franco said. “I respect marriage … my parents were together their whole lives. I’ve been told that I’d be a good father.”

As for Lana Del Rey, Franco said they are “just friends.”

“Sometimes I love a person’s work, and I’m just so enamored with that and their persona in their work,” Franco said. “But outside of that, our dynamic is that we’re just sort of friends. We get along really well, but all of my sexual attraction is for the person in the work.”

All right. We’ll hear you out, Franco. But that won’t stop us all from shipping Frogen.

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