How Melissa Leo gets around the pressure not to age in Hollywood

She’s been around for 30 years, but Melissa Leo didn’t really make it into the zeitgeist until her Oscar-winner role in The Fighter, which she won at the age of 50. So how does the actress, who made it big well after Hollywood’s expiration date for most women, keep being incredible as she ages? She does so by not putting her looks first, she told Larry Flick on OutQ.

“It has a lot to do with my upbringing and I never expected to be somebody [for whom] appearance was the first and foremost most important thing,” she told Flick. “We’re all gonna age. There ain’t nothing wrong with it. And the wisdom and the depth that come to your life when you live a few more years on the planet is a tremendous value and if I can bring that to the fore rather than whether or not I have wrinkles and bags, that is interesting to me at this point.”

But lest we forget that Leo is promoting her new movie The Equalizer starring Denzel Washington and directed by Antoine Fuqua, her second time working with both.

“It was for me a second opportunity with Antoine Fuqua to work with him again and also to work with Denzel Washington again. The double fold delight for me,” she said, before explaining to Flick why she made the (for her) unusual pick of doing an action film.

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