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How Dead & Co. fans reacted when John Mayer messed up a Grateful Dead song

John Mayer spent part of 2017 playing shows with Dead & Company, but he had a bit of a learning curve. On an episode of Layin’ It Down with Steve Jordan for VOLUME (Ch. 106), Mayer explains how he made a mistake on stage during a show and how the crowd responded.

Mayer also went on to talk about getting to know and, eventually, play alongside his heroes. “There’s two separate things — the person and what they’ve done,” Mayer describes in explaining his relationship with legends, including Eric Clapton.

Growing up in Fairfield, Connecticut, Mayer would cut out pictures of his heroes and put them on his bedroom wall. Before literally playing alongside his heroes, Mayer would play along to their songs in his home, trying to focus on all the instruments.

Catch Mayer’s full interview on Layin’ It Down with Steve Jordon on SiriusXM VOLUME (Ch. 106):

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