Host-to-Host: Pete Dominick interviews Robin Quivers

Ask Robin Quivers to name the one thing that saved her life, and the answer might surprise you. To the SiriusXM host — most known for being Howard Stern’s trusty co-host for more than 30 years — real food, specifically vegetables, turned her life around.

To talk more about her personal struggles and triumphs, Quivers stopped by fellow SiriusXM host Pete Dominick’s Indie Stand Up! show a few months back. Quivers — who had then recently released her book, The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life — revealed that unprocessed food has life-changing properties that may have helped her beat cancer.

So why vegetables and not fruit? Quivers explained that fruit has sugar, which can’t be metabolized appropriately due to the diets most Americans have.

“When you’ve been eating the standard American diet, your body is not necessarily capable of dealing with fruit in the way it should,” Quivers said.

Quivers, who has traveled everywhere from Europe to South America, notes that visiting various countries throughout the world opened her eyes to the fact that Americans do not eat as well as people in other nations.

“The only thing that traveling has shown me is how poorly we eat,” Quivers said. “And how robbed we are of flavor because of the way we farm in this country.”

She shared a personal story where she marveled about the quality of food in Indonesia. Quivers noted that even the lettuce was crisper and fresher than in the United States, and how grapes tasted like “candy.”

“And I thought to myself at that moment, we’re the developed country? Our food doesn’t taste this good,” Quivers said.

Indie host Dominick added that he is a big Michael Pollan fan, and agreed that Americans should be eating “actual food” instead of processed food. So what does Quivers consider real food?

“I define real food as anything that doesn’t come with ingredients,” Quivers said. “If you’ve got to read a label on the side of it, it’s not real.”

Quivers couldn’t stress enough the improvement her life has had since she became a vegan in 2007, admitting it “literally restored” her physical, emotional and mental health. Despite feeling unwell for years, it wasn’t until she decided to make changes to her diet that she was rid of pain and depression.

“I had been going to doctors for years, they put me on steroids and pain medications and offered me surgery for things that went away when I started eating a plant-based diet,” Quivers said. “The moment I changed the way I ate, all of those things went away. And not only did they go away, I was in better shape than I had been probably since my 30s. I went from not being able to walk a block to running a marathon.”

One doesn’t have to entirely change their diet to see improvement, though. Quivers noted that just adding more vegetables into daily meals can have a positive impact, and that by embracing cooking, people can learn to love “real food.”

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