How does a young African American man growing up in Jersey City become Republican? According to SiriusXM Patriot host David Webb, purely by choice and core principles.

To talk more about his personal upbringing, his political leanings and his thoughts on the current state of our government, Webb visited fellow SiriusXM host Pete Dominick for an exclusive host-to-host interview on Indie‘s Stand Up! with Pete Dominick. The SiriusXM Patriot host explained that despite most African Americans having liberal leanings and primarily voting Democratic, Webb did not base his choice purely on what everyone else is doing.

“Nobody really made me do it… Nobody inspired me as much as the values and… the core principles of the Republican party,” Webb said. “I never looked at it from black or white… I just looked at what I believed in and at the two parties and said this one represents more closely what I like: free market, limited government.”

The conservative Republican host was brought up in Jersey City — which he calls the “shadow of New York City” and the “sixth borough” — attending the Jesuit high school of St. Peter’s Prep and then going on to The College of the Holy Cross in the “heart of liberal” Massachusetts. Having parents who were both “business people” and a mother who worked on Wall Street, he was encouraged from an early age to be knowledgeable of the current state of our nation and to make his own informed choices. Given that encouragement to decide for himself, Webb sided with the Republican party as it appealed to him, going on to become one of the first founders of the Tea Party and a FOX news contributor.

Taking in to account his diverse background, what does Webb’s show cover? Everything from economics, to national security to policy straight from those who can talk reliably on the subject: the experts. To Webb, it is through providing expert opinion on of-the-moment subjects that you engage your audience and get people to think for themselves. Dominick agrees, admitting that even though one may be on the air, discussing various subjects doesn’t mean you have a certain authority. “I don’t think that one person sitting behind a microphone could be an expert on everything,” Dominick said. How is Webb different from other Republican on-air hosts? Dominick points out that it is the very fact that Webb decides to have policy experts on his show that makes him stand out among the conservative pack. To Dominick, most Republican hosts simply have guests of the same leanings on their show. Webb is different.

“When I designed this show… I had a vision of adjusting the way talk was done, the way we actually function as a talk format,” Webb said. “I wanted to open up the discussion a little bit more to bring in both sides as well as the experts…. If you present as many possibilities as you can, then you get the audience thinking. And really, it’s about the listeners. Because if you and I are just sitting here with a microphone and we’re just talking and blabbing, well, that’s like shouting into the wind.”

So how are Republicans and Democrats really different? To Webb, it’s all about our individual take on the role government should take in our lives. He admits that despite there being some “big government” Republicans, most prefer minimal government. The SiriusXM Patriot host believes that the current state of our federal government has grown disproportionately, causing malfunction and corruption from within and even possibly initiating the shutdown. Webb explains that the solution most Republicans, primarily Tea Party members, have is to resize the current state of our federal government.

“Let’s fund government, let’s keep government going but then let’s focus on shrinking down government,” Webb said. “Because our government has grown to the point where it’s become this behemoth just in the numbers of people… over three and a half million people work for the federal government. When you have an employer that size, even in a private company, it’s almost impossible to manage it.”

In a heated back-and-forth debate, Webb and Dominick got into the nitty gritty of how our government is currently functioning, deliberating everything from what Webb calls the “bloat” in all levels of government, to health insurance and Obamacare, to what should primarily be Uncle Sam’s driving motive (profit or service) and even discussing racism in politics. Regarding race, Webb admits that some use the race card to their advantage. To Webb, certain people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are “racist” because they profit off of race, push racism to the spotlight and attack others based purely on ethnicity. As Webb explains, “Racism is about power and control.”

Speaking of ethnicity, does Webb believe Republicans need to score hispanics to make moves in the future? Webb admits that conservatives need to do an all around better job to engage not only hispanics but also women, gay people and others as well. To the SiriusXM Patriot host, it’s all about focusing on the long-term rather than the short-term back-and-forth bickering and attacks between the Right and the Left.

“We need to do a better job on the right side of the aisle of getting engaged… and engaging people, and frankly doing the job as politicians to make sure that good policies are in place,” Webb said. “The Left is going to sell equal opportunity and in large part, it doesn’t exist, because we are different people… How about we focus on the things that let us develop who we are as a people and as a country and then our culture will do better for it.”

This year Indie Radio’s Pete Dominick interviewed various SiriusXM hosts for an exclusive series on Stand Up! With Pete Dominick. To listen in on more host-to-host interviews check out the below playlist. And stay tuned here for even more exclusive host chats.

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