Who says radio hosts can’t be social activists? Our very own SiriusXM hosts Pete Dominick and Bruce Murray prove that not only can on-air personalities talk about their respective topics, they can actually be pretty socially conscious as well.

After previously appearing on Murray’s show twice, Dominick welcomed the NFL Radio host to his Stand Up! program on Indie Radio earlier this year. What did the two chat about? The convo started off on a familiar talking point – sports – and quickly evolved into an in-depth debate over everything from world news to activism in today’s social sphere.

Dominick kicked off the sports talk, mentioning how sports fans nowadays have a hard time actually attending games due to the astronomical prices, noting that Yankees fans aren’t able to go to their own home stadium, because of inaccessible pricing. Murray agreed with the Indie host; he actually believes it is costly things like this “out-pricing” that cause empty seats at Yankees stadium. This situation not only negatively affects baseball but all sports in general.

“I think it’s terrible for sports… I think for a long time they [those in charge of the big leagues] didn’t care if it was you sitting in the stands with your children or whether it was the corporate tickets that were being sold,” Murray said. “Bottom line is they were generating the revenue. But I don’t think you develop a fan base that way.”

Abandoning the sports convo momentarily, the two hosts jumped into a globally-focused debate on world news topics. Everything from the royal family in England, to the legalization of marijuana and activism were touched upon. Dominick admitted that while one should “stand up” and be socially conscious, there is a difference between being interested in the state of our world and being “brainwashed” by “unimportant” news. When it comes to important topics, Dominick would rather we focus on what matters most.

“I choose public interest versus public fascination,” Dominick said. In turn he believes every citizen should be aware of what actually is important and step up to help in any way possible. Dominick is all about activism.

“Just the idea that you’re outspoken in some way. That you do something to make a contribution.” Dominick said.

So how does Murray size-up to Dominick’s take on activism? Turns out the NFL Radio host is very active in his local community. Murray admitted that he suffers from Chromes disease and due to that he and his wife sit on the CCFA (Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America) board in Westchester county.

This year Indie Radio’s Pete Dominick interviewed various SiriusXM hosts for an exclusive series on Stand Up! With Pete Dominick. To listen in on more host-to-host interviews check out the below playlist. And stay tuned here for even more exclusive host chats.

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