Host-to-host: Pete Dominick interviews Adam Schein

Who can you find just casually eating brunch at a little place called Strawberry’s in Nyack, NY? Oh, just SiriusXM hosts Pete Dominick and Adam Schein, that’s who.

Though they rarely cross paths in the studio, the Indie host coincidentally bumped into the Mad Dog Sports Radio host while both were having brunch with their families. The two recalled this moment when Schein visited Stand Up! With Pete Dominick this summer, just around the time he kicked off his new show, Schein on Sports.

Brunch isn’t the only thing these two have in common. Both have roots in Syracuse (Schein went to college there while Dominick grew up there) and Dominick’s dad is actually a self-proclaimed Schein fan.

“My dad says he’s his favorite radio host. Which is really upsetting because my dad’s son is a radio host,” Dominick said.

In a laid-back convo — tinged with Dominick’s comedic jabs here and there — the two quickly jumped into all things sports related. Schein confessed that despite being an “NFL guy” he can’t get enough of his other favorite sports, college hoops, the NBA, and baseball.

When the conversation changed over to analyzing sports commentators, Schein (who started at SiriusXM back in 2004) had a lot to say about the notoriously argumentative figures, Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith. Noting that the two are “very different,” Schein admits that while he himself loves debate, Bayless is one to purposely go against Smith to cause a scene.

“I think Stephen A. speaks his mind, he says what he believes. Now he gets a lot of things wrong, factually incorrect, but he’s a man of character and principle,” Schein said. “Skip to me has become, in a lot of ways, a caricature of himself.”

Next on topic was the Chicago Blackhawks and their previous winning spree. Schein pointed out that the NHL is not on the radar like some other sports so something like the Blackhawks historic run builds momentum and plainly is a lot of fun leading up to the Stanley Cup.

“This is a dream for the NHL,” Schein said. “To have the Chicago Black Hawks consistently in the news cycle with the Miami Heat, it doesn’t get any better.”

The two also dove right in to the NFL and the homophobic comments and injuries that were taking over the headlines. What was Schein’s take on the “really ignorant comments?”

“I think the climate is right, for that kind of admission [being gay],” Schein said. “What football players actually care about [is] winning. And what you do, and your sexual preference, what you do in your private time, I don’t think anybody cares about that.”

So how does a sports radio guy balance highlights and analysis with his personal life on the air? Schein believes any good host should do their job, talking all about their specific topic, but they should still add a little human touch to their shows.

“I’m not going to lead my show talking about my kids, but will I perhaps mention my five-year-old swimming? Yeah!” Schein said. “I think listeners groove on that because frankly, it’s genuine.”

Stand Up! with Pete Dominick airs weekdays at 6 am ET on Indie Talk Radio, Ch. 104. And Schein on Sports air weekdays 12-3 pm ET on Mad Dog Sports Radio, Ch. 86.

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