Holly Madison reacts to Hugh Hefner’s ‘rewrite history’ comments

Hugh Hefner responded to claims his former girlfriend Holly Madison made in her new memoir about life in the Playboy Mansion, saying she has “chosen to rewrite history.” Madison addressed his comments with Jenny McCarthy, who herself spent some time in the Mansion in the early ’90s while she was modeling for Playboy (Jenny says she had a much more positive experience).

“I wasn’t looking for any kind of reaction from him, so part of me just doesn’t care,” Madison said. “But when he says its revisionist history that’s not it at all. It’s 100 percent honest and my true experience. He might not remember every little thing like I did because I think the way he treats people, he’s been surrounded by ‘yes men’ for the last sixty years, and if he were coming down on me verbally, he might not think nothing of that, but to me it was very hurtful and made a huge impression.”

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