You can rely on three things in life. Death, taxes, and an annual LSU-Alabama matchup crucial to determining who will play for the national championship.

Nick Saban

Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

This time around, LSU (7-2) has little chance in inserting themselves into the BCS Championship discussion. (We’ll reserve the right to not deem it completely impossible because, if you’ve followed college football for any length of time, you know that anything is possible.)

No, in this year’s chapter of the Tigers-Crimson Tide rivalry, it is Nick Saban’s squad that will be looking to make a statement.

All Saban’s teams have done is win twelve straight games, and three out of the last four BCS Championships. Still, according to listeners of SiriusXM College Sports Nation, Alabama has something to prove.

In an email sent to, one subscriber wrote:

Alabama fans are hilarious! Last year, they claimed their loss was because the SEC was so dominant. This year, it’s average at best yet their reasoning is that it’s because it’s such a tough league! You can’t have it both ways, Bama Nation!

Another subscriber defended his beloved Crimson Tide:

You keep slamming Alabama’s schedule. Why? They started with Virginia Tech in Atlanta, they played Texas A&M on the road, Ole Miss, and have LSU this weekend. Add that to the still-to-be-played Auburn game on the road. Compare that to Florida State, who played Clemson on the road and an overrated Miami team who barely squeezed by Wake Forest and North Carolina!

Two completely different viewpoints that both have merit. It’s that type of discussion that always makes these games entertaining.

Alabama’s Nick Saban spoke to SiriusXM College Sports Nation’s Chris Childers and Phil Savage about the rivalry and the mindset of his team heading into the game his entire season is riding on:

LSU’s Les Miles was unusually subdued in his comments to SiriusXM College Sports Nation’s Jack Arute and Gino Torretta about the big game:

It likely won’t be another installment of the “Game of the Century”, but Alabama vs. LSU (Saturday, 8 pm ET) is shaping up to be quite the clash of SEC powers.

You can listen to the Alabama call on SiriusXM College Sports Nation, channel 91 and the LSU call on SiriusXM Mad Dog Sports Radio, channel 86. And while you tune in, follow along on Twitter, at @SiriusXMCollege.

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