Heard Here First: The top SiriusXM political moments of 2014

Keeping up with current events can sometimes make you feel like this. However, SiriusXM kept listeners both informed and engaged in the political happenings of 2014. And a lot went down. Urban View‘s Joe Madison chatted with President Barack Obama (nbd) about the imporance of voting in the Midterm Elections. SiriusXM Patriot‘s David Webb covered the 70th Anniversary of D-Day all the way from Normandy, France. SiriusXM Indie‘s Pete Dominick chatted with R2-D2 at Denver County Fair’s first-ever “Pot Pavilion” (no, but actually – R2 digs the ganja). And in one of her last radio interviews, Dr. Maya Angelou spoke with Urban View‘s Armstrong Williams about the kidnapping of the 200 Nigerian girls and how progress can still be made even in times of adversity.

And that’s just a sample. Whether you are a political junkie or just need to get up to speed before holiday dinner table chat with the in-laws, here are the top political moments SiriusXM captured and commented on in 2014:

David Webb does an American Forum with Congressman Paul Ryan – SiriusXM Patriot

Make it Plain with Mark Thompson broadcasts live from Ferguson. MO with the Coalition for Michael Brown – SiriusXM Progress

David Webb does an American Forum with Lynn Cheney – SiriusXM Patriot

Stand Up with Pete Dominick broadcasts and speaks from the Aspen Ideas Festival – SiriusXM Indie

David Webb broadcasts from the 7oth Anniversary of D-Day from Normandy France – SiriusXM Patriot

Pete Dominick speaks with R2-D2 from the Denver County Fair’s first-ever ‘Pot Pavillion’ on Reefer Radio – SiriusXM Indie 

SiriusXM Indie launches a monthly show, Success without Stress with Bob Roth and guests include Lena Dunham, Ringo Starr and many others

Armstrong Williams sits down with his friend Dr. Maya Angelou in one of her final radio interviews – SiriusXM Urban View

Joe Madison interviews President Barack Obama about the importance of voting – SiriusXM Urban View

Joe Madison interviews First Lady Michelle Obama about the importance of voting the day before the Midterm Election – SiriusXM Urban View

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