New Jersey indie-rock outfit Real Estate have reached new levels of wistfulness on their third studio album, Atlas, but, as they prove in their new live performance for The Loft, they’re not so dragged down by sad bastard nostalgia that they can’t crack a joke or two in a bout of silly, pre-performance banter.

Here’s a quick look at the guys’ nonsensical conversation below. And can I just say… I want in on this conversation??

“You wanna talk about your legal issues?”

“I got de legal issues.”

“I committed a crime; I’m going to jail. That’s just the way it is here in our nation’s capital.”

“Speeding is not decriminalized. Speeding is a criminal offense.”

“Lots of crimes in this state.”

“We’re not even in a state. We’re in a district.”

“District Nine.”

“That movie is about D.C.!”

(Oh, quick insider note: Real Estate recorded this version of Crime in SiriusXM’s D.C. office.) Can’t say this makes anything even remotely resembling sense, but whatever. We’re into it.

Hear Real Estate perform Crime below.

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