Today marks 33 years of pure Kelly Clarkson goodness. It may be her big day, but leave it to Kelly to give us a gift in the form of a velvety smooth Tracy Chapman cover.

But that’s not all Ms. Clarkson has blessed us with. That’s 33 years of fierce.

33 years of feels.

And that one time when she decided to do this, and it was the most adorable thing to ever happen.

Behind those powerful pipes and hazel eyes is a stunningly sassy Southern gal, and SiriusXM is stoked to have had the original American Idol visit the studios multiple times throughout her ultra-successful music career.

In 2009, the Morning Mash Up Show crew graced Kelly’s ears with an, erm, uncensored spin on her smash hit Breakaway.

“Apparently, I’m secretly perverted!” Kelly said of their rendition of the song.

She also hushed up any haters who say all female musical artists are divas. What’s on her “list of demands” when she’s getting ready for a show?

“I’m very boring. I have water and wine,” Kelly said.

Pshhhh, that’s not boring. We’d get hydrated (or wine-happy) with you anytime, Kelly.

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