Jon Bon Jovi is celebrating his birthday on March 2 and we wanted to show the love and celebrate with him! With over 30 years of epic tunes, it’s no surprise that we play Bon Jovi on more than one channel here at SiriusXM. To wish the front man a happy birthday, we had our programmers pick their favorite song that they play on their channels.

Runaway – Classic Rewind AND 80s on 8
This classic got picked twice!

“This song is a powerhouse! Always loved driving with this cassette rocking one of the best Bon Jovi tunes. However, the video didn’t make much sense with the girl running away from storm troopers while the band played on what looked like a cleared out stage in the middle of a war zone? But nobody rocked the suede leather fringe jacket like Jon!” – Classic Rewind programmer Dave Wellington.

“The guitar part at the start is awesome … great hook!” – 80s on 8 programmer Jim Ryan

Always – 90s on 9
We’re not quite sure what the message of this video is but we are sure it’s intense.

Who Says You Can’t Go Home – Pop2K
Home is where the heart is. Let’s rock the house down.

In and Out of Love – Hair Nation
“This is a really great song from the second record. It has a hook that stays with you for days after listening to it. The writing style showcased where the band was headed, yet still retained the rawness of the first record.” – Hair Nation

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