By: 70s on 7 programmer Numan

Barry Gibb, along with his entire family, welcomed me into a bonding friendship in 1980, as I was living in Miami as a young DJ and working in radio at the time. I was new to the area, and they were beautiful in welcoming me into their private world. During this time, Barry was working on his Barbra Streisand duet album, Guilty. As the album worked through to completion, our own friendship developed as well.

I know that Barry’s favorite song — and mine too — has always been How Deep Is Your Love. It’s a song about love but could also be interpreted as a spiritual song.

Barry has a tender side to his live performances in How Can You Mend A Broken Heart. There is a moment where he whispers a broken “…and…” and women swoon and melt.

Barry reminds me of Elvis in a lot of ways. I never met Presley, but I bet in his private time, he did what Barry Gibb does, which is play acoustic guitar and hang out with friends and sing old songs.

My life was never more blessed than witnessing the brothers sitting around and doing this together often. Their harmonies were amazing and God-given. Barry always loved to sing old Everly Brothers songs, like Bye-Bye Love, but I would coax them to sing one of their own.

Night Fever was one I remember, dancing through the crowd, there is movement all around, there is something going down, and I can feel it… And I really did feel it!

That falsetto! Barry told me it’s him imitating Frankie Valli. Remember those old songs Sherrie Baby? Walk Like A Man? Barry hits some high notes in this one.

One of the most interesting stories I’ve ever heard Barry tell — and he tells it often — is Jive Talking and the origins of that song.

They were returning from Criteria studios one night, and they crossed the Hallandale Bridge. It’s a lifting bridge, as many are in Miami near the beach, and the wheels of your car make a rumble strip sound as they go over the metal grating. Listen to the start of the song and imagine Barry being inspired by the rhythm of the grates. Jjjjj-jjjjjj-jjjj-jive talking!

To one of my dearest most beloved friends in this whole wide world, I wish you a happy birthday my fellow Virgo… wherever you are, BG, there is my heart too!

Photo by AVRO via Wikimedia Commons

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