Jered Weaver revealed Wednesday on MLB Network Radio that he has a special connection with one of the channel’s hosts.

Steve Sax, who played for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 1980s, gave Weaver his first autograph.

“I gotta throw something out there real quick,” Weaver said. “Steve Sax, you there bud?”

“Yes, sir,” Sax replied.

I wanna thank you. You were the first autograph I’d ever gotten. I was a big Dodgers fan growing up, so thank you for that man man. I appreciate that. I thought I’d throw that out there. […] It was my ticket stub. I still have it, actually. One of the rare times I went down to the left field line and tried to get autographs. I never was one of those kids that tried to get autographs, but Steve was more than willing to come over and sign, and I was lucky enough to be in the group where he came over and started signing for people. And I’ve cherished that moment forever, Steve. I appreciate that.

Said Sax:

“Thank you. I should’ve got your autograph.”

We all remember our first baseball autograph. (Mine was Bernie Williams.) Who was yours? Tweet @MLBNetworkRadio, and listen to MLB Network Radio, XM 88 and Sirius 209.

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