CBS Sports’ Gregg Doyel doesn’t care what you think: He says the recently drafted Michael Sam is a sports pioneer.

Doyel spoke about the new St. Louis Ram Sunday on OutQ’s The Outfield with Eddie Robinson.

“He’s a pioneer, he’s a trailblazer,” Doyel said. “There are people, and I hear from ’em, ‘Oh, he’s not a pioneer, don’t compare him to Jackie Robinson, he’s no pioneer.’ And anybody who says that, I suggest you go to your Webster’s dictionary, open it up to page 384, whatever page ‘pioneer’ is, read the definition, and tell me that’s not what Michael Sam is. He is a pioneer.”

Recently, Doyel penned a column comparing Tim Tebow to Sam. He reviewed the comparison with The Outfield’s Robinson.

Both those guys were obviously big-time college players, but both of those guys have NFL limitations. They’re marginal NFL prospects. They just are. And both of those guys, therefore, need to make sure all the focus on them is on football only. Because if you have this hysteria around you – and Tebow had it, it was Christian hysteria, it was a different kind of hysteria, but Tebow had it. And teams decided he might be worth taking a shot at. “Maybe we can develop him into a quarterback in this league.” And yet, not if he’s gonna have all this noise around him; no, thanks. And that’s kind of where Michael Sam is. He might be good enough to play in the league. He might be. He needs to make sure that what he doesn’t do is have so much noise around him – non-football noise – that employers say, “You might be worth it as a player, but just too much of a distraction. No, thanks.” Because if he was a great player, a if this was a great running back, a great whatever, Jadeveon Clowney, a great player, your worth the noise because you’re gonna produce for us on Sunday. But if you’re just gonna be the 48th best player on the team, no, thanks.

What are the chances Doyel has of Sam sticking with the Rams and in the NFL? 50-50.

“I’m gonna assume that he’s gonna have a really hard time making the NFL on the shear numbers, which is why, again, the Oprah Winfrey documentary was a terrible idea,” Doyel said. “If you’re gonna be just ‘a guy,’ they they’re gonna find just ‘a guy’ that doesn’t have the Oprah Winfrey Network trailing him around.”

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