Written by The Spectrum’s Jessica Besack

HBO’s Girls is known for making excellent music selections, and Season 3’s first two episodes were no exception. While Hannah, Shosh, Jessa, and Marnie spent time piecing their young lives back together, we heard tunes from Kurt Vile and Jenny Lewis, and were treated to a memorable car sing-along to Maroon 5’s One More Night.

But since we at SiriusXM can’t resist an opportunity to play music supervisor, I, Spectrum programmer Jess Besack, thought I’d throw together a collection of songs from The Spectrum that could (and totally should) appear on the Girls Season 3 soundtrack.

Ready? Work it, make it, do it, makes us harder, better, faster, stronger!


1) Lorde – Team
One thing that Lorde’s music and Girls have in common is their on-point representation of what it’s like to be a coming-of-age young person. That said, Lorde’s Team would have been a really effective background in the introductory montage of Episode 1. Sure, the lyric “Call all the ladies out” is a little obvious, but it would be a fun nod as we see the girls of Girls waking up in their different domestic situations (Hannah happily spooning with Adam, Shoshanna climbing down from a dorm room loft bed and Marnie swaddled in her Rainbow Brite sheets). Hopefully they’ll work some Lorde in to season 3 — especially now that Lena Dunham and Lorde have cleared up their potential Twitter misunderstanding.

2) Arcade Fire – Afterlife
Have you ever noticed how Girls manages to find just the right track to close out and underscore the theme of each episode? Well, I think Arcade Fire’s Afterlife (from the album Reflektor) would have been the ideal fit to end Girls’ episode 2. Lyrically, the themes of “working it out” indicate an optimistic hopefulness for Jessa, Hannah, and the rest of the girls this season.

3) Tired Pony – All Things All At Once
In my humble opinion, the first two episodes of Girls’ third season felt a tad less zany than the past two seasons, especially as Jessa dealt with some serious internal issues in rehab that require real personal reflection. (Whether or not she intends to make good on that personal reflection, however, remains to be seen.) Maybe Jessa would have better emotional luck this season if she listened to Tired Pony’s All Things All At Once. The song’s gentle, contemplative vibe would undoubtedly be the ideal soundtrack for some good ol’ soul searching.

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Photo credit: Jessica Miglio/Courtesy of HBO, GIF: HBO

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