SiriusXM NBA Radio host Frank Isola covers the New York Knicks for the New York Daily News. He revealed Thursday on The Starting Lineup that he has grown into an accidental fan of the Charlotte Bobcats, as his friend, Steve Clifford, is the team’s head coach.

Wednesday night, the Bobcats beat the Raptors in overtime, 104-102. Isola recapped his viewing experience – a story fans of any NBA team can surely relate to:

Last night in Toronto, they’re playing the Raptors. I’m trying to alternate between games. I’m trying to watch the Charlotte Bobcats, also watch the Miami game. Late in the game, [the Bobcats] are up three. What do the Bobcats do? They give up a three-pointer to Kyle Lowry, game goes into overtime. So now I’m like, ‘They should’ve fouled,’ [and] I’m second guessing, even though Steve is a friend of mine.

The game’s now in overtime. The Bobcats, Mateen [Cleaves, Isola’s co-host Thursday], are up 102-99, under a minute to go, Gerald Henderson at the line. All I need is one free throw. I’m not even asking him to make two. I’m thinking to myself, ‘Shoot the ball underhand, just make one.’

Here’s Gerald Henderson. He’s at the line. He’s actually imitating dribbling the ball, I’m like, ‘What is he doing?’ First off, that to me says you have no confidence, so now he’s not giving me any confidence. So what does he do? He misses both free throws.

Listen below to hear the rest of Isola’s story, including how, despite his undivided attention, the SiriusXM host missed this Kemba Walker game-winner:

And, for the sake of it, here’s a photo from Isola’s Twitter account (@FIsolaNYDN) from 5:30 am ET this morning:

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