According to Pro Football Hall of Famer and former NFL quarterback Frank Tarkenton, teams are taking the wrong approach to scouting college quarterbacks in the NFL. He offered owners a solution to the problem on his show on SiriusXM Indie.

Tarkenton explained that he would hire a former elite NFL quarterback, and have him “look at the 50 top quarterbacks in college football today that are coming out, and go watch them play, watch their tape, interview them, and see them, and they’ll be able to tell you whether the guy has a chance or not.

“I wouldn’t want some just scout, who’s an ex-offensive lineman, or defensive lineman,” he said. “They don’t know about quarterbacks.”

The Fran Tarkenton Show airs Saturdays at 9 am ET on SiriusXM Indie, channel 104.

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