Aaron RodgersAaron Rodgers’ quarterbacking greatness leaves even the most expert observers of the position in awe.

Take, for instance, Hall-of-Famer Dan Fouts.

‘He throws a football as if it were a softball’

He can’t believe what Rodgers has shown in leading the Green Bay Packers to Sunday’s NFC Championship Game against the Atlanta Falcons.

“I’ve never seen anybody throw the ball like that,” Fouts told Alex Marvez and Bill Polian on Late Hits. “He throws a football as if it were a softball. At times, his feet aren’t even set. At times, he’s running for his life, right or left, stepping up in the pocket, getting about ready to get hit, his feet sometimes are off the ground.

‘His competitiveness is equally amazing’

“But he just whips that ball with tremendous upper-body torque and a whip and it’s just amazing to watch. And his competitiveness is just equally amazing.

“He’s the most entertaining guy in the game right now.”

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