Former NFL’er Turley: League dancing around player health and safety

In recent years, the NFL has faced constant criticism from both current former and players about their handling of player health, especially brain injuries. While the NFL has upped their efforts to prevent head injuries the past few seasons, some still feel the NFL is not doing enough to keep current players from joining the long list of former NFL players with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a disease found in individuals with a history of brain trauma.

Among those critics is former NFL offensive lineman Kyle Turley, who opened up about player health on SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio.

“These people continue to dance around every issue, and especially the most serious ones that deal with the health and safety of their players, and it’s past time that the media and the government demand that these guys get it right,” Turley said. “It’s the concussion issue where they’re very, very, so much lacking continuing today in protocol, in innovation, in treatment, in therapies. Today still, NFL players’ insurance do not cover hyperbaric treatments in areas. Things that help heal brains, because they don’t want to own up to the brain injuries. They don’t want to admit that it is football that is causing this.”

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