Your Week 3 NFL recap from SiriusXM’s resident married couple, Giants fans Aaron and Alex.

Aaron: I try to get to at least one Giants game every season. Since they were playing the Redskins on Thursday night I figured I should go – after all, every time I’ve been to a Giants vs. Redskins game, the Giants have been victorious.

Well, the trend continued. Big Blue might want to slide me a few tickets for every Redskins game for the next 10 years. I’m so money!

Our seats? Well, the usher made fun of us for having the highest row in the entire stadium. (He told us to say hello to God.)

What a week of NFL football! How many blowouts are too many? If it’s your team that’s winning, then it’s a party.

Remember when the Seattle Seahawks obliterated the Broncos in the Super Bowl a couple years ago? The only reason that was fun to watch was because it was the Super Bowl. No one’s gonna be talking about Week 3 blowouts on a football blog a few years from now.

So, good for you, Patriots. You proved your point. You’re better than the worst team in the league. Cool! We get it! You’re angry. We all are.

No blowout was worse than the Seahawks over the Chicago Bears. If Kam Chancellor was trying to showcase how valuable he is to the Legion of Boom, he picked the best week to end his holdout. The Bears can make anybody look good. Which brings us to the Quick Snaps joke of the week from Costaki Economopoulos.

“Nothing cures your ills quite like playing the Bears. In fact, a friend of mine has been battling cancer. They took him off of chemo and told him to just play the Bears.”

Listen to Quick Snaps, a comedy show about NFL football. Our latest episode includes a stunning announcement from presidential candidate Donald Trump, courtesy of a brilliant impression from comedian JL Cauvin.

Alex: Yay for the Giants winning Thursday! But like Aaron said – how many blowouts are too many?

Although, it’s better to suffer through a boring Sunday than be infuriated and lose your ish like this guy did when the Cowboys lost to the Redskins last year.

(A little NSFW language, so play at your own risk …)

Hate to break it to you bro, but Tony Romo doesn’t care about you. Maybe Arts-and-Crafts Tony Romo does, but certainly not the Tony Romo who has DirecTV.

Anywho, I would like to see everyone playing like they actually want to win next week.

Side note: Can we get drum lines involved in the NFL? Then if it’s a blowout, this awesomeness can entertain the crowds on the sidelines:

(And yes, I know these guys are Swiss, but that makes it even better – because they’ll always be neutral and never take sides!)

Aaron is a producer in the SiriusXM Comedy department. You can follow him on Twitter, @AaronHodges. Alex is the producer of The Morning Mash Up on SiriusXM Hits 1. You can follow her on Twitter, @AlexDitrolio.

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