New York Jets fans: Did you take Tom Brady in the fifth round of your fantasy football draft this year?

Do any San Francisco 49ers fans have Marshawn Lynch at running back?

A Jacksonville Jaguars fan wouldn’t dare take Tim Tebow in the 43rd round, would they? (OK, maybe a little too soon.)

Robert Wuhl, host of Off the Wuhl on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, brought up the loyalty question on his show Monday, wondering aloud who to root for on Sunday: your hometown team, or the fantasy team you picked over beers with your buds in August.

“You put your loyalty in a different position,” Wuhl said. “It becomes more about the individual rather than the team.”

We posed the question to followers on Twitter, and received all kinds of responses:

So what side to you stand on? Like me, a hardcore Jets fan, would you avoid all Bills, Patriots and Dolphins players in the draft, then bench opposing starters when they take on the Jets in a given week? Are you able to root for your team, and still enjoy a big day from an opposing running back who is employed by your fantasy team? Or has fantasy football taken over all of your rooting interests, and you now spend Sunday hoping for a 480-yard performance from Aaron Rodgers rather than root for your beloved Washington Redskins? Tweet @SiriusXM to let us know.

Off the Wuhl with Robert Wuhl and Jeff Rickard airs Mondays at 9 pm ET on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, XM channel 87 and Sirius channel 210.

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