In celebration of their sixth studio album, Got Your SixFive Finger Death Punch is taking over Octane (Ch. 37) this Labor Day weekend. Guitarist Jason Hook and drummer Jeremy Spencer sat down with host José Mangin to talk about the 14-track effort and why they took a more straightforward approach this time around.

“We just really wanted to make a really focused, to-the-point, up-tempo, energetic record after making 24 songs of — some of it was pretty experimental — last time around,” Jeremy Spencer explained. “We just wanted to get back to a raw, up-tempo, in-your-face record. I think we achieved it.”

Hook added that fans prefer their straightforward, aggressive music to their experimental work.

“We wanted it to be concise, obviously with the last set … we had 24, 25 songs … there was a lot of room for variety of musical flavor there. And for this one, we thought, ‘Let’s just get back to a face-peeling, heavy, aggressive record,'” he said. “And ultimately, too, at this juncture, when we’re pulling songs to put in the set, the fun ones are the really exciting stuff, so I think that’s what people want from us anyway.”

The band also gave a shout-out to Octane for being one of their biggest supporters.

During their Octane takeover, Five Finger Death Punch will play one track from the new album every hour along with commentary to introduce each song. You’ll also hear the full, in-depth interview with Mangin.

The special airs Friday 9/4 at 6 pm ET, Saturday 9/5 at Noon ET, Sunday 9/6 at 9 pm ET, Monday 9/7 at 3 pm ET, and Tuesday 9/8 at 9 am ET.

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