Fashion Week may have been almost two months ago (which might as well be a century in the fashion world), but celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe dresses her clients (and herself) for the runway all year round. Hailed for The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo, Zoe recently stopped by OutQ to chat with Larry Flick about her new book, Living in Style. Zoe confessed that her dedication to staying on trend is like “a disease.”

“Not that it’s even remotely in the same world… but [staying on trend] is a similar thing to keeping up – if you’re a doctor – on the latest treatments or medicines, or [if you’re] a lawyer, on the latest changes and regulations and laws,” Zoe explained. “I can’t slack on that. This is my job.”

As Larry Flick expressed, Zoe’s chic wardrobe, reputation, and commitment to the fashion industry can seem quite intimidating. “If I were Rachel Zoe, I would judge… We want you to judge [us] because you’re perfect.” Luckily, this fashion forward perfectionist does not judge us for being mere style mortals – unless of course we are coming to her as clients!

“For me, I feel like style is one of the best forms of self-expression, and it tells a lot about who you are,” Zoe voiced. “So it’s not for me to judge.”

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