Fantasy Sports Radio DFS Week 8: Starting players with high ownership percentages

Week 8 of the NFL season is almost here, which means once again it’s time to start building another killer lineup  – and hopefully thicken your wallet.

As always, fantasy sports experts Joe Pisapia and Jeff Mans of Fantasy Sports Radio are here to help, and this week they explained why you shouldn’t be afraid to roster players with high ownership.

“You can’t say that you can’t be productive with a high ownership percentage player, it’s just nonsense,” Mans said. “It depends on who that player is, what his salary, and how many points he puts up. Again, I think it’s a viable thing. I understand why people care so much about ownership percentage but for me, give me points, give me production, and ownership percentage is not as important as what I’m getting out of the player. It is important at some point, yeah. But first, I gotta be in the conversation.”

Pisapia pointed out Rams running back Todd Gurley’s explosive performance this past weekend as an example of Mans’ point.

“We mentioned it going into last week is that the risk you run with fading Gurley at 50 percent, 60 percent ownership,” said Pisapia. “If he does what he did on Sunday, in what was sort of expected by everybody, and you fade him, you’re done. And that’s why in cash games you can’t fade like that.”

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