Fantasy Sports Radio DFS Week 7: Building toward entering higher entry tournaments

Week 7 of the NFL season is almost here, which means once again it’s time to start building another killer lineup  – and hopefully thicken your wallet.

As always, fantasy sports experts Joe Pisapia and Jeff Mans of Fantasy Sports Radio are here to help, and this week they shared their thoughts on how to use smaller entry tournaments to slowly build toward entering bigger money contests.

“It’s the patience, it’s seeing the FanDuel season as a season and not just looking at the one week at a time,” Mans said. “Use the first part of your season to buildup where you can go into, then if you win a bunch of these fifty/fifties, and you keep rolling that over and doing well; there’s no reason that by the time you’re getting into halfway through the season that you can’t up some of the antes, and get into some of these contests, and go in there at the higher rate.”

Pisapia spoke about why the chances of winning are greater in higher entry tournaments.

“When you go to these lower one-dollar, two-dollar, five-dollar multi-entry tournaments contests, people will run trains of 5, 10, 15 lineups into those at a time,” Pisapia said. “They don’t do it as much in the 100-dollar games, the 500-dollar, the 250-dollar games.”

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