Week 6 of the NFL season is almost here, which means once again it’s time to start building another killer lineup  – and hopefully thicken your wallet.

As always, fantasy sports experts Joe Pisapia and Jeff Mans of Fantasy Sports Radio are here to help, and this week they offered their thoughts and advice on multiple-entries in contests.

“I don’t like doing that necessarily,” Mans said. “You’re going to cash in like two of those lineups, but then because you entered all those other ones in different contests you’ll end up, end of the day, you’ll throw those winnings away. And thus your bankrolls’s going to take a hit. If you could afford to do it, if you don’t mind that, if that’s you’re goal — if you’re goal is to win the big one. To win that million, or win that tournament then the more entries you do, the better your odds of doing it.”

Mans and Pisapia were joined by fantasy expert Tommy G and discussed why they feel computer scripts are bad for daily fantasy sports, and if there should be a limit on entries because of it.

“If you just eliminate the mega multi-entry, you eliminate 90 percent of the tertiary problems that are associated with that,” said Tommy G. “Even if the prize pool’s gotta come down, I’d rather have a smaller prize pool and a level playing field.”

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