It’s Tuesday, and your fantasy football team is 1-3. That’s OK; Ted Schuster from SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio has the inside scoop on three players giving owners (including you) headaches this year:

LeSean McCoy

Schuster says: Buy low now

For the next couple of weeks, I think you’re still going to see the 2014 McCoy. The offensive line is in shambles, and that’s why we talk about offensive lines all the time. You can’t ignore what’s up front … The second half of the season is going to be much better … I think the last two weeks are rock bottom. He might get a little bit better the next week or two … I’d buy him now.

Kirk Cousins

Schuster says: Expect middle-of-the-road production

[His production has] to lie somewhere in between [Weeks 3 and 4]. He’s not as bad as he was this last week … He’s probably a guy who can throw for 250 every week and a touchdown or two. I don’t think he’s an elite quarterback; he’s a borderline starting quarterback every week depedning on who your options are.

Frank Gore

Schuster says: If he gets the ball, he’ll succeed

If they’re committing to him, he’s the Week 4 [version of himself].

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